Friday, March 19, 2010

Bell by Industrial Facility

I really like this Bell alarm clock by Industrial Facility. I am a fan of what people call minimalist design, however it's not the styling but the thinking behind it that interest me. The way we can minimize unnecessary materials, components and styling that result in better communication and function. That to me is the right way to design something.

Still do not understand why is it call Bell? Take a look below and you will immediately understand. (click on image for larger view)

Now do you get it? Isn't it interesting? Other then taking on the profile of outline of a bell, it actually holds another sort of bell at it's back, the alarm bell. Even the choice of colour is aptly chosen (by the way this is fire bell red, the other 2 colours are bicycle bell chrome and door bell black). Immediately you know this alarm clock will be pretty loud. By choosing to expose the bell, we get better (louder) alarm, yet there is no need for an additional cover just to cover it up. All i can say is that it is really a nice and smart idea. Looking at the clock face, you can notice that the numbers aren't immediately noticeable. This obviously is intended so as to minimize distractions. As we do not usually need precise knowledge of time, doing so allows quick and easy time telling. Various thickness of the hands allows differentiation and also reflect on the "value" (thicker hand = bigger value) of the figure it is pointing to.

However it always is disappointing how these designs always end up way more expensive when it is supposed to use less. This clock is selling for around 50 euros.

Head on to Industrial Facility's site to find out more.


Anonymous,  March 24, 2010 at 7:46 PM  

This is really cute!

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